About Elea Hotel

Just 4km from the busy and scenic town of Zakynthos, Argasi was chosen by human inspiration to translate natural beauty in an endless and intimate hospitality. This is how the quiet and so beautiful complex of Elea was created!

Infinite rays of the authentic Ionian breeze fill the spaces of Elea from one end to the other, where taste and simple elegance prevail. Among the carefully chosen furniture, the very clean rooms and the harmony of colors, functionality and aesthetic adequacy are suitably expressed in the fully self serviced apartments of this magnificent complex.

The infrastructure adequacy and a plethora of facilities constitute the basic pillars of service as the complex seems to nest in harmony in the Mediterranean nature, thus attributing its own share of architectural charm to beautiful Argasi.

Your day at Elea begins with a strengthening breakfast, which you can enjoy at a place of your choice. It continues at the beach with swimming or water sports, shopping at traditional little shops, food at some of the scenic tavernas of Argasi or even a small excursion on the outskirts (like the beach where the Caretta Caretta turtle lays its eggs and the rest of the sights of the island).

Once you return to Elea, head towards the swimming pool for a dip or nestle in the sunbeds for a romantic daydream with your drink or coffee that you can get from our snack bar. You can also spend time relaxing or surfing the net in our cozy lounge where free Wi-Fi is available.

It is now obvious that having respect towards the guest’s needs as our first concern here, at the Elea Hotel, you will arrive as a guest and leave as an old, close friend. This is the conclusive proof that makes so many friends return punctually, so many years, again and again…

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